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Over 10 arrested as Youth Elections turn ugly


Sep 3, 2020

Eleven members of the Democratic Party (DP) are reported to have been arrested and detained at Entebbe Police station during re-election of Kiwafu parish youth committee.  The Thursday re-election followed a flopped one of Wednesday which was allegedly disorganised by some people who were dressed in yellow, hence causing the electoral commission to postpone the vote.

Entebbe deputy mayor Richard Sekyondo being pushed under a Police van

“Some DP voters were bribed by NRM agents, not to appear on the polling day. However, when they saw them standing in a queue, these agents turned rogue, asking DP members to return the bribe, which sparked the chaos,” intimated a one Musaazi. In the scuffle, Entebbe mayor Vincent Kayanja and his deputy Richard Sekyondo were beaten by plain-clothed men and soldiers before Sekyondo and other 10 members were bundled onto a police truck and whisked to the cells.

The second election was also called off by the presiding officer Steven Buwembo. At Kiwafu Parish, DP has 24 delegates while NRM has 19 delegates, which places DP in a better position to win the election.

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