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6th Seniors Golf Tournament slated for Saturday

ByMoses Sentamu

Dec 14, 2021 ,

Sponsored by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) with a whooping shs8m, the 6th edition of Uganda Seniors’ golf tournament is slated for December 18 at Uganda gold club in Kampala.

Speaking at a Press Conference held at the Uganda Golf Club on Tuesday morning, UCAA Spokesperson, Vianney Mpungu Luggya said many golfers are frequent fliers and users of the services and facilities at Entebbe International Airport.

“It was therefore deemed prudent to give back in form of Corporate Social Responsibility to these key stakeholders as we celebrate Aviation Week and 30 years of existence,” he said. Other sponsors include the Uganda Airlines, Turkish airlines among others.

Aviation Week is held every year in the first week of December in memory of a series of meetings that culminated into the signing of the famous Chicago Convention that led to the establishment of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which oversees air transport across the globe. Uganda is one of the Contracting Member States of ICAO.

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